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Slacks Attacks Mother Nature


Genre      -

Platform -

Interactive Fiction

Discover different perspectives on jeans production and its effect on society, people and the environment.

MaLiN Games

Made by



Linnea Almlöf

Matilda Jalonen


Play as four different characters in a parallel world where jeans are all that matters. In the city of South Calos lives Riley, who needs a new pair of jeans. There's also Bree, who works at the jeans factory and Abigail who is the CEO of the company. Lastly, there is Alexander who is a politician trying to take care of his citizens. Make daily choices in the characters' lives and see how their consequences affect the city, nature and people around them.

Will your choices make the company thrive, pollute the environment or maybe create a better future for Bree? Play and find out!

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