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Skinner's Cage


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Play as a lab mouse trying to escape a sadistic experiment. This 2D platformer targets the platform gamer who enjoys a challenge.

Two Strong Teeth

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Programmers: Hjalmar Danielsson, Hannes Rehnström, Olle Lannér, Sam Stålhandske.

Level designers: Josefin Matsson, Emma Thorsander, Emil Petersson.

Artists: Simon Eimersson, Leon Miksec, Kevin Lundmark.

Animators: Max Larsson, Isabelle Neuman.


Death is inevitable, and no one knows it better than the poor little mouse trapped in Skinner's Cage. Jump, climb and stab your way to freedom in this bloody 2D platformer.
Death truly is inevitable. But you can respawn, so it's okay!

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