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Secret Maze


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Secret Maze is a relaxing exploration game without fail states focusing on collecting and finding secrets in a calm stress reducing way.


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Game - Christoffer Lundberg

Music - Creative Common see Description


Secret Maze is inspired by the classic marble labyrinth games and the ball is controlled by tilting the phone or by using the virtual joystick. When the ball enters a hole, instead of restarting the level you enter a new room and multiple rooms are interconnected. Each room requires no skill, but players that pay extra attention are rewarded with hidden objects and secret paths, and gain a greater understanding into how different rooms are connected. When the game is released each day a new maze will be generated with variants on paths, pick ups and secrets.

Stress is a common problem today and a lot of people have problems sleeping and use their phone to calm down which has a counterproductive effect. The goal of Secret Maze is to work as a micro meditation and calm place in stressful environments.

The ball emits different sounds when touching objects in the maze and impatient players will make a lot of noise. If you calm down and move slower the sounds will harmonize with the ambience and you will eventually reach a calmer state of inner harmony.

...and then you will realize that it is not the ball that is moving, it is only yourself.

The game will have a test period at the end of the summer. If you are interested to sign up for playtesting send a message to:

Music Credits - Relaxing by Benson

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