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Runway Rumble


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Platform -

Action, Couch Competitive

Runway Rumble is a 2 vs 2 multiplayer game taking place in an airport. You are in control of cars that service planes so they can take off.

Layered Games

Made by



Petra Aderlund – Art

David Åström – Design, Sound

Mattias Borgqvist – Art

Elias Faltin – Producer, Sound

Mikael Ferroukhi – Art

Fredrik Henriksen Lövlie – Code

Jan Plähn – Code


The 3rd-person split screen action game Runway Rumble takes place on a remote island accommodating a busy international airport. In teams of two, service incoming planes before they leave again. Do this by picking the right vehicle for the service they need.

You gain control over another vehicle by bumping into it and thus swapping with it. Each vehicle has a resource associated with it. Collect your vehicle’s resources and shoot them at planes to service them and gain points. Gain extra points by extinguishing burning planes with the firetruck and watch out for opponents shooting at you as projectiles can push you off the runway and into the ocean.

Use your tools and the adventurous island environment to your advantage! Best the chaos at the airport and ensure enjoyable travels to all passengers. Do this more effectively then the other team roaming the tarmac and you win!

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