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Action, Party, Casual

In this wrecked world, Rum is power...

and Space Pirates trade fire in frantic arena boat-battles to the bitter end!

RAM each other off the RIM of the world in this RUM-fueled boat-joust for up to 4 players!

Studio Hot Pot

Made by



Antonio Huayna Ackalin - Design/Code

Florent O.K. Schmidt - Design/Art


(Kaarle Nurmi - Music/Sound)


Long ago, the world shattered into pieces, floating through space.

Life went on, but not without changes...

Most technology is now powered by Rum!

It's used to fuel space-boats, their weapons, their shields.

Thus, the Age of Space Piracy begins...

Meet the Liberteers, Empirates, Drebels and the Tygoons!

On the smithereens of an Old World, they struggle for supremacy in frantic arena boat-battles.

Join a faction, and engage with up to 3 mateys in local multiplayer mayhem!

Joust your way through fierce free-for-all duels, turbulent team battles,

and find out who's the toughest Space Pirate around!

Don't fall off the edge of your seat, when you ram your opponents off the rim of the world...

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