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re:Surge is a competitive First Person Shooter in the spirit of old school arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament, but with a quirky aesthetic and a more modern sensibility when it comes to graphics, sound and music. In its essence, to take what worked about the design philosophies of older games, while drawing from the experiences of more modern first person shooters.


re:Surge was also designed to have a quick secondary gameplay loop, matches that does not take more than five or ten minutes if you do not want them to. This is because most people over thirty, one of the target audiences for this game and the fans of the original fast-paced shooters, does not have time to play more than at most an hour a day.

Thunderpunch Entertainment

Made by



Elias Olofsson – Project Lead/Design

Jesper Axvik – Creative Director/Design

Hampus Österlund – Lead Programmer

Johan Hallberg – Programmer

Zimon Sjöberg – Programmer

Oskar Nilsson – Lead Art

Orvar Holmquist – Art

Emelie Åslund – Art

Jenny Sidén – Art

Johannes Ruha – Art

Emal Ghouse – Art

Herman Gustafsson – Lead Sound

Oliver Engström – Sound

Fredrik Berggren – Music

Marcus Jakobsson – Writing


In the Tournament known as the Riftspace Rumble, you control your character to be the one to score enough points to be crowned the winner at the end. You fight in an arena with between two and eight players, and use a variety of weapons to in the end be the one with the best score. You score points by taking out the other player, and that’s about it.


You can pick up three different weapons all around the arena, the fast Puncture Gun, the hard hitting Stakebow, or the chaotic Pommegrenade Launcher. Sometimes there might even spawn the deadly MAYHEM that grants you double firing rate and unlimited ammo, for a limited time.

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