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Queen of the Elements


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Casual local party

Queen of the Elements is a simple and fun party game with only one objective, take the crown! The idea started as a king of the hill game and later the hill turned into a crown. The crown starts in the middle of the map and the first player to take it starts to accumulate victory points, when any player reaches 100 points, they win. When a player touches the player with the crown the crown transfers to the new player. It is in everyone’s best interest to have the crown and the game constantly shifts between chasing and being chased. For the moments the player feel that the need an extra boost they can use dash that increase speed in exchange of being able to steer. When a player gets the crown they unlock their elemental powers that can be used to temporarily stun the other players.

One week production

Made by



Andreas Tobiasson - Lead programmer and designer

Jonas Peterson - Programmer, designer and sound

Alexandra Palfelt - Programmer and designer

Tua Wester - 3d artist

Sam Kohvakka - 3d artist

Mikael Karlsson - 3d artist

Jon Lundqvist - 2d artist

Jessica Svendeborn - 2d artist

Björn Jonasson - 2d artist


Queen of the Elements is a simple and fun party game with only one objective, take the crown! In this ultimate battle to show once and for all which element is the supreme. When you have the crown you accumulate victory points, the first player to reach 100 points wins the game. Tackle the player that has the crown to get it for yourself. It is a constant shift between being the predator and the prey. Feel that you aren’t fast enough? Use dash to increase your speed but be careful, you can’t steer while dashing. When you get the crown you unlock your true elemental powers that you can use to stun the other elements. Fight now and prove that your element should be the Queen!

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