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Project Forward Scroller


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First-Person Platformer

Did you ever wonder how it would feel to traverse a side-scroller through the hero's eyes? Well, this game holds the answer to that!

Team Forward Scroller

Made by



Tobias Nylin - Game Design, Level Design, Programming, Sound Design, Placeholder Graphics.


I was playing my old favorite side-scroller when all of a sudden my home got struck by lightning. In an instant, the lightning traveled from my console to my controller before it finally got me! Everything around me seemed to become bigger, what was going on?! I couldn't move my body, out of control I started to move along the cord of my controller until I finally hit the console, everything got black…


When I woke up I was in a familiar, but yet strange environment. Something seemed different, for some reason, I could only move in two dimensions. That’s when I realized it, I was trapped inside my old favorite game!


Project Forward Scroller is a First-Person Platformer game. The game is best described as a side-scrolling platformer viewed from a first-person perspective.

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