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Pangolin Party


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Pangolin party is a two player, 3D, PC party game in which one player needs to complete a series of objectives whilst hiding in the crowd while the other player try to find out who they are and take them down.

Fully Realistic Ocelot Games

Made by



Erik Rosenberg - Scrum Master & Producer

Ana Laura Martinez Cuerda - Art

Clement Pirelli - Programmer

Matthias Jannidis - Programmer & Designer

Therese Carlsund - Art

Anna Malkan Nelson - Designer & Product Owner


Pangolin Party is an easy going competitive couch versus game where you play as either a spy or a hunter. If you play as the spy you try to blend in with the cute AI and complete tasks without the hunter realizing who you are, if you manage to do that, you win! If you play as the hunter, you too, try to blend in with the AI whilst trying to determine who the spy is, and then go on to lick the suspect, if you get it wrong; you get jailed, if you get it right; you win!

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