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Time Attack Platformer

In Octorush you take the role as a alien squid parent who lost his young ones to an evil research organization. It's up to you, the player, to break into their facility, rescue as many of your children as possible before the lockdown is in effect and escape all but impossible.

Squid Entertainment

Made by



Driton Gashi - Game Designer
Hampus Vretinger - Game Designer
Nina Winter - Game Designer
Fredrik Holmgren - Programmer
Olivia Follin - Programmer
Oscar Wiberg - Programmer
Björn Degerstedt - 3D Artist
Lukas Graff - 3D Artist
Sanna Persson - 3D Artist
Sam Kohvakka - 3D Artist
Jessica Svendeborn - 2D Artist
Gustaf Hammerth - 2D Artist


Octorush is a time attack platformer where you rush through a research facility collecting your lost children before the lockdown timer runs out and escape becomes impossible. Use your alien abilities like gravitational manipulation, excellent air control and body manipulation to traverse the all the obstacles in your way.

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