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Not a Plant


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Not a Plant is a game about an experiment and his missing Papa. Use your tongue to swing through the lab, maybe you can find him?

Team 9

Made by



Embla Fröberg - 2D Artist

Lilly Wang - 2D Artist

Josefin Strand - 2D Artist

Oscar Hallberg - 3D Artist

Lallå Ksiezopolski - 3D Artist

Evelyn Pettersson - 3D Artist

Marco Turzynski - Game Designer

Alexandra Palfelt - Game Designer

Alfred Ruckle - Game Designer

Anton Skatt - Programmer

Marcus Björk - Programmer

Alexander Kristensen Wedman - Programmer


In this game you use your tongue to grab onto walls and objects to swing between obstacles and clear the level. Planti is the name of this strange living plant monster. Planti loves Papa!

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