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Neon Rift TD


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Strategy, Roguelike, Tower Defense

Neon Rift TD is a retro sci-fi tower defense mobile game with roguelike elements. Generating a new path each level as well as each tower and enemy being procedurally generated, every level in Neon Rift TD becomes an entirely new puzzle to solve. Place towers with the most suitable stats and effects in the best fitting positions to counter the incoming enemies.The random properties of towers, paths and enemies makes each playthrough a new experience, creating hours of gameplay.

Screw Mobile Games

Made by



Rasmus Davidsson- Design & Programming

Martin Dehmer Östebo- Design & Programming

Johan Ljungberg- Design & Programming

Alexander Sandberg- Design & Programming


Enemies are pouring out of the rift and the goal is to prevent them from reaching the portal at the end of the path. The portal will get destroyed if enough enemies reach it. The player can stop this from happening by placing towers near the generated path, which will try to repel the incoming wave. At the end of each wave, the game board is cleared, a completely new path is generated and new towers will be given in the form of cards, creating a new unique level to beat every round. As the player progresses new enemies will appear with more and different effects. New towers will also get effects and upgrades. The player will create powerful combinations, using the strength of different tower effects to take down the increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Players can compare their progress and compete against their friends on the leaderboards to see who can reach the highest level.

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