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Narrative driven horror-mystery.

Set in the Swedish archipelago. Use an Ouija-board to communicate with a deranged spirit that may or may not be trying to kill you.

Vikid Games

Made by



Sean Falk - Game Design & Creative Director

Mattias Gustafsson - Programming

Viking Renhammar Metus - Programming

Tobias Tran - Programming

David Nilsson - Narrative design & Writing

Tilla Segerstedt - 3D Graphics & Voice Acting

Sara Frid - 3D Graphics & Voice Acting

Veronica Johansson - 2D Graphics

Isac Stahl - 2D Graphics

Joel Lundén - Animation

Jesper Wibäck - Music

Joel Ekberg - Sound Design

Ushita Mohammadi Momenabadi - Sound Design


Set in the Swedish 70s, the player takes the role of 17-year old Linn as she returns to the island where she almost drowned as a child.

After a fight with her mother, Linn is left alone in the family's old summer home. There she finds an old spirit board, through which she finds herself communicating with Mikael, a strange entity with a secret it desperately wants to share with her.


Mikael will lead you on an increasingly bizarre treasure hunt through the island. You will be forced to rely on your wits and creativity to decipher the spirit board's cryptic clues - and to piece together a disturbing mystery about Linn's past that does not seem consistent with her own memories.


But you may also be forced to ask yourself a more pressing question: is Mikael really trying to help Linn - or to kill her.

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