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Miss Eyesore: 1964


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As the only survivor in a 60s’ prison, struggle against the grim cold of a Siberian winter, and something more sinister.

Snöstorm Studio

Made by



Alexander Thambert - Sound Designer & Audio Lead

Anton Palmér - Game Designer, Level Designer & UX Designer

Carl Sjölander - Sound Designer, Graphical Artist & Game Concept

David Stenfors - Movement Analyst, Graphical Performer & Game Concept

Felix Grönvall - Game Designer & Level Designer

Filip Bergqvist - Programmer, 3D Artist & Game Concept

Jimmy Brunnberg - The

Julia Lundman - Programmer, 3D Artist & Game Concept

Kristin Walkhed - Graphics Lead, 2D Artist & Texture Artist

Linus Herding - Creative Director, Concept Artist & Texture Artist

Rebecka Fehrm Matsumoto - Programmer, Easter Bunny & Generally Important Project Person

Robin Almqvist - 3D Artist

Ronny Korpela - Game Writer & PR

Solvej von Malmborg - Music-in-a-broad-sense Producer & Implementer

Tomas Granlund - Producer & Programmer


You wake up confused and freezing on the concrete floor of your cell. You remember the sounds of horror echoing through the narrow halls of the prison, but what caused them?

All you know is that your cell door is wide open and the prison is empty. Not a living soul in sight, only signs of chaos and death. That’s when you see it: The Eyesore. The blood drips from its arms as it screeches at you. You need to get out! You need to escape this place before that thing tears you to pieces with its claws!

Restore power to enable the fire escape, then find something to ignite, or find that secret door all the other inmates swear exists and open it. Unlock some doors and close others permanently to gain an advantage, but be careful not to lock yourself in.

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