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Midnight Train


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Puzzle, exploration, adventure

Midnight Train is a first-person puzzle/exploration game wherein you must navigate a subway system without getting hit by the trains.

This Functional Team

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Adam Krantz - Level Design
Alexander Saleteg - Art
Edvin Broberg - Programmer
Nicklas Rosén - Project Manager
Oskar Karlsson - Programmer
William Teurnell - Art


Midnight Train is a 3-dimensional first-person puzzle/exploration game set in an abandoned subway system deep beneath a futuristic city. In Midnight Train, the player takes on the role of a treasure hunter who is attempting to find a lost treasure hidden away in the subway system. In order for him or her to accomplish this, they must attempt to navigate the subway system and solve puzzles while making sure that they are not run over by the trains in the process.

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