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Kung Kong


Genre      -

Platform -

Local Multiplayer, Casual, Arcade

Kung Kong, a new take on the classic Pong game adding in different elements making the game all about speed and a arcade feeling.

Group 7

Made by



Daniel Grönkvist - Designer

Jesper Bentzer - Designer

Lilly Wang - Art

Elias Erkendal - Programmer

Filip Primaru - Audio


Two players stand face to face to compete for who is the top primate and who’s just a cheeky monkey.

Kung Kong was made as a 2 week school project where the goal was to create a retro styled game. We wanted to make a party game that was equal amounts of fun playing the game as it is to watch someone else play it. This is why we figured to choose a new way to play our game taking inspiration from Pong and other arcade games such as air hockey we created Kung Kong, a game that's all about speed and adrenaline.

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