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Hover Crash


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Is a fast-pace racing game, were the goal is to get the best time, highscore on both courses. (later, with more time, battle mechanics as well as multiplayer will be implemented)

Make use of all short-cutts you can find as well as the boost burster and weapons to get the best score and destroy your opponent.

1 - 2 player game.

The game has 2 different modes, one were you are playing yourself against AI were you win either by destroying all the other cars or finish the lap first.

One multiplayer battle-royal mode against another player


Made by



Team List can be found in PDF :)



In the distant future, the sport of hover racing is taken to the extreme, were pilots faces death and perril to be the one, undefeated victor of the immensely popular Hover Crash™

The other mode is where you play against another player, battle for supremacy over the course and the glory of victory.

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