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Genre      -

Platform -

Speedrunning Platformer

HAYFEVER is a cute single-player 2D platformer where you use Allergies to skillfully race through levels.

Allergies have never been more exciting!


Made by



- Pixadome -

Conny Nordlund - Art Director

Jonas Roininen - Programmer


- Outsourcing -

Kristoffer "Knasibas" Engman - Composer

Pablo Sorribes Bernhard - Sound Designer

Filip Andersson - Tools programming


Genre: 2D Speed-running Platformer


Highlights: Cute and approachable design, lots of humor, fast paced.


Hayfever is designed around Thomas allergies. All allergies are like a super power, functioning as a double-edged sword. The power can either help you or mess you up.


Many of the game's enemies are designed in the same way where they can both help you and mess things up for you.


Hope you enjoy the demo!

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