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Gustav Vasa: Adventures in The Dales


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Follow Gustav Vasa a Swedish nobleman on his adventures through the Dales, raising his army, and escaping the Danish knights before finally taking over the throne and become king.

Team Vasa

Made by



Ingeborg Asplund - Project manager, programmer and level designer

Stanislav Hallberg - Programmer

Joakim Bengtsson - 3D character modeller and 3d Animator

Gertrud Bondesson - 2D Artist and 3D Environment artist



Gustav Vasa Adventures in The Dales is an RPG- skiing game where the player controls Gustav Vasa a Swedish nobleman on his way to become king. The gameplay focuses on escaping the Danish knights on skis while travelling between the villages in The Dales, a county located in the northern parts of Sweden. The Game mixes thrilling flight sequences on skis in 3D with roleplaying and character interaction in 2D.

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