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Goldfish Simulator


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With a three-second memory, it’s a full time job just to stay alive. Constantly forgetting where you are and what you are doing makes it hard to eat. So you better keep busy or you’ll starve and lose the game.

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Leo Brage Art

Pelle Klouman Script


This 3D single-player PC simulator invites the player into the everyday life of a goldfish. The focus is on the small nuggets of food which slowly descend through the water and the player wins the game by eating enough to reach full power. The food is however, challenging to eat, since the goldfish “forgets” where it is, and every three seconds, finds itself in another position in the fishbowl. The goldfish also “forgets” where the food is and every three seconds the food changes position. This makes eating, and staying alive, quite difficult. The player navigates the fish by using the AWDZ keys on the computer keyboard. The length of the game depends on the skill of the player and how fast you manage to eat enough food to reach full power. Don’t miss this unique chance to experience life in the fish bowl.

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