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Galactic Dance-Off


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It’s all about the rhythm, and having fun! Lose yourself to the music in Galactic Dance-Off and become the new president of the galaxy.

NepTunes Entertainment

Made by



Frida Rosengren - Project Manager/Writing

Simon Kåks - Creative Director/Music

Johanna Benitez - Writing

Xiao Liang - Programming

Joel Ernelind Håkansson - Programming

Robin Sollfors - Programming

Kurt Areskoug - Sound Design

Tove Wennhage - Music

Kate Ekberg- 2D

Sandra Holm - Animation

Klara Asklund - Animation

Märta Pellnor - 3D

Pernilla Jönsson - Design


Galactic Dance-Off is a rhythm based game where you can challenge yourself and others to become the best. First you choose your character, then you choose a song, and then your character dances and you just make sure to hit the notes at the right time as they come down from the top of the screen. There are two lanes in the middle of the screen where the left lane is for the left hand and the right lane is for the right hand. When playing on the keyboard you are playing with W,A,S,D and the arrow keys. For more info, please check the “Help” button in the game. In the menus you navigate with the arrow keys and press enter to select. Click “backspace” if you want to go back to change things between characters select and song select. To pause or change settings, press “Esc”.

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