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Join Fluff as they discover the power of family in a big world of small creatures, soft visuals, and unforgettable friendships.

Incident Entertainment

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Linnea Abrahamsson - Project Lead, Game Design

Simon Almkvist - Creative Lead, Game Design

Amanda Broman - Programming

Mikael Niazi - Programming

Nathalie Tuovinen - Programming

Anton Jannesson - Narrative Design

Emil Nordhammer - Narrative Design

Jaqueline Ståhl - Art Lead, Animation

Anastasiya Kjartansdottir - Concept Art, Level Art

Frida Fernhede - Concept Art, Level Art

Marcus Hultquist - Animation

Philip Lind - Sound Design

Anna Liljefors - Composer

Olle Birring - Team Support


Being small in a big world may seem like a horrifying experience. But any impossible hardship can be seen as a fun challenge with a friend by your side. Join Fluff the Wintersun seed in the small and charming 2D Puzzle Platformer which tells the story of Fluff and their friend as they try to find their way back home. In a vast world of bouncy mushrooms and floating leaves, Fluff can run, jump, climb and push their way toward their goal. Granted, being a seed of the Wintersun flower has its advantages, as Fluff can also make use of several special abilities. Fluff can sling away their friend and reconnect through a magnetic force to solve puzzles that would have been impossible to solve alone. With their friend in tow, Fluff embarks on a quest to reunite with their loved ones, and discovers the powerful bond within their family along the way.

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