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Flubber Monkeys


Genre      -

Platform -


Jam the jungle with your brother Bounce around like balls of rubber

Work together with one another When you enter the jungle of the flubber



Made by



Teddy Chavez Alcarraz - Project Manager

Johan Fallberg - Artist

Emma Jelving Eklund - Artist

Jad El Masri - Programmer

Wiktor Ravndal - Programmer

August Demirsson- Designer

Maximillian Kassander - Designer


Play as two Flubbermonkeys making their way deeper and deeper into an enchanted jungle. Navigate around the level with your friend and try to reach the end. Using each other and the objects and features around the level, solve the puzzles and make it across the landscape unharmed. The levels aren’t all fun and games, there are dangers lurking! A large part of the game is bouncing off each other and cooperating to reach the goal. The players can bounce on top of each other to reach high places, and slingshot each other in order to get across great distances.

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