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Fennec Peak


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PVP Party Arena

Fennec Peak is a PVP party game in which you have to knock your opponents out over the steep ledges around the arena. It is fast paced, easy to learn and well suited for people who just wants to jump straight in and have a great time.

Team 9

Made by



Simon Ströberg - Game Designer, Project Owner

Alexandra Palfelt - Lead Game Designer

Hampus Gogolos - Game Designer

Madeleine Fjäll - Lead 2D Artist

Sara Göransson - 2D Artist, Scrum Master

Oscar Hallberg - Lead 3D Artist, Lead Art

Tim Wiberg - 3D Artist

David Törnkvist - 3D Artist

Vilhelm Lindroos - 3D Artist
Sebastian Tryscien - Lead Programmer

Henrik Engqvist - Programmer

Elias Erkendal - Programmer


Fennec Peak is a seven-week project where we set out to make something simple, familiar and easy to understand. A game perfect for parties and get-togethers.

The game is set in an old temple said to hold valuable treasures. Drawing the attention of many adventurers, some looking for wealth, fame, knowledge, power. You take on the roles as those very adventurers, all wanting the same thing, a mystical artefact rumored to grant power beyond imagination. But only one can claim the treasure.

It is an arena game for 2-4 players where you fight each other to be the last one standing, and to reach that goal you must knock your opponents out over the steep ledges that surround the level. Make use the snappy and responsive movement to get around in the level and utilize objects in your environment to knock out your opponents from long range.

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