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Escape through a desolated lunar base by fighting off aliens with whatever weapon your luck offers you.

I Scream Studios

Made by



Johan Synnergren - Project Manager, Designer

Vanessa Malmbergh - Creative Director, Lead designer


Markus Karåker - Lead Programmer

Arvid Enochsson - Programmer

Jesper Kanewoff - Programmer


Edvin Enkvist - Writing

Sara Jonasson - Writing


Fredrik Wisborg - Lead Sound Designer

Mario Cancar - Sound Designer

Patrik Ulvhammar - Music Producer


Wilmer Melvin Nyman - Lead Artist

Olivia Johannesson - 2D Artist

Benjamin Persson - 3D Artist

Eglé Petrulyte - 3D Artist

Fredrik Johansson - Animation Artist

Jesper Norén - Animation Artist


A geyser has erupted and compromised the lunar base. You play as one of the crew members aboard Etna S; a base conducting research on the moon Enceladus and its inhabitants, for the key of curing Alzheimers disease. Now you must escape the wreckage, fighting off any creatures getting in your way with whatever weapon your luck can offer you.


Choose between seven different crew members, each with different backgrounds and starting gear.


Explore randomly generated maps filled with enemies and loot.


Collect log entries from the crew to get to know what have happened and who they really are.


Encounter different enemies with different tactics to take you down.


Modify your gun, gear and physique as you go deeper into the wreckage.


Feel the pressure of the base slowly filling itself with water.


Indulge yourself in its atmosphere and try to survive the journey.


And lastly, have fun while doing it!

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