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El Cheapo


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In El Cheapo you flick items into a moving truck. The more items are in the truck the better your pay. El Cheapo makes moving fun again!


Made by



Petra Aderlund (Art)
Mattias Bogqvist (Art)
Elias Faltin (Sound, Project Manager)
Fredrik Henriksen Lövlie (Code)
Jan Plähn (Code)


In El Cheapo you load up a moving truck as efficiently as possible. The more items you can fit, the better your pay.

You load the truck by flicking one of three items towards it. If you flicked an item towards the truck it gets replaced by a random new one. Items reward the player with different amounts of compensation if they are flicked into the truck. If any of the items fall out or hit the floor, the driver drives off.

When the truck drives away, players are left with a final score which they can compare to scores of other players on the global leaderboard.

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