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Casual Adventure

You play as a comet in which you explore a vast universe.


Immerse yourself in a serene and poetic audio-visual experience.

Starbox Studio

Made by



Xiaoyue Chen - Programmer

Natasha Mangan - Programmer

Linda S. Khamphoukeo - Graphic Artist

Sofie S. Lindberg - Graphic Artist

Emelie Almroth - Graphic Artist

Simon Ågren - Game Designer


Comet is a third-person exploration game.

Players explore the universe as a comet. The game is casual, relaxing, and serene.


The comet can float around in the universe and collect space crystals. When being collected, the crystals will play pleasant

notes, speed up the comet, give it their substances and help it evolve.


The game also features a unique companion system.

Companions are scattered in the universe, and players can find, interact, and befriend with them.

The interactions between comet and companions are made through "singing" mechanics: the comet matches up to the

rhythms of the companions.


The environment, as well as the music will evolve as companions join to travel with the comet.


The story is beautiful yet subtle and open.


The game has an ending but it is not the goal the game tries to impose on players.

Instead, the game tries to make every interaction satisfying to let the player enjoy the experience of playing.

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