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Cast By Light

Cross Platform

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Platform -

Puzzle Platformer

Cast By Light is a puzzle-platformer where only the shadows are safe. Control the sun to manipulate the shadows to find your lost partner.

Shadow Walkers

Made by



Erik Glastra - Project Manager

Josefine Skeppström - Designer

Miguel Redondo - Programmer

Karam Hariri - Programmer

Tove Wahlberg - Artist

Anette Essel - Artist


“When the amount of greenhouse gases reached an unsustainable height, our emissions destroyed the atmosphere, creating a sun which was too bright.”


Control the light, to find your light. Cast By Light is a 2D single-player puzzle-platformer game created for arcade, mobile, and PC.. The game revolves around physically rotating a dial on an arcade cabinet to move the in-game sun. By manipulating the direction of the emitted light, one can manipulate the shadows to create safe areas for your character. Since the sun is too bright to endure, you need to use the shadows to create a safe path through this treacherous world. The player plays the game as Ann, the protagonist of the game. One morning when Ann wakes up, her partning has gone missing. Although she knows it’s dangerous outside, she doesn’t hesitate in search of finding her partner.

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