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Top-Down Action Shooter

Alone or together with up to three of your friends defeat waves of mutated reptiles attacking your village. The hero's have their own abilities and strength to suit all playstyles. Communication is key where combining abilities and discussing escape routes will benefit your success for survival. Each attacking wave will be harder with a little surprise until the final wave which consists of a boss fight.

Team Fikapaus

Made by



Sandra Thenstedt- Art

William Pellas - Art

Max Bergsten- Game Design

Anthony Colton- Programmer

Mathias Hjelmqvist- Programmer

Einar Asplund- Programmer


Nuclear bombs fell.. In the following centuries the fallout caused war, mutations and suffering to all living beings. Now in the year of 2283 the human survivors has mutated into small people. Desperately to survive they had to adapt to their new life where they became the hunted, the reptiles ruled this new world with their new taste for human flesh.

Humans have migrated in fear, until now. Now they have stopped running, and are instead gearing up and facing the danger.

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