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Beer and Loving in Transylvania


Genre      -

Platform -

Point and Click

You travel to Transylvania to meet up with your Tinder match – Vlad. But he'd rather drink beer than your juicy veins.

Stinky Scarab Games

Made by




Andreas Winther Sorman

Daniel Vindhjärta

Erik Wapner

Goran Taha

Sam Stålhandske



Emma Thorsander

Karl Thörnblom



Alfons Sahlberg

Ivar Roxner Kinny

Leon Miksec

Robert Pettersson

Simon Martinsson


Like many people in this modern world, you struggle to find love… or at least someone to fit your vampire fetish. After many months of sifting through boring people on the world’s most popular dating app you finally get a perfect match in Vlad, an incredibly handsome fellow from eastern Europe.

Beer and Loving in Transylvania is a point and click game in the vein of the comically absurd adventure games of the 90’s, where a puzzle solution might involve two of the strangest things you can find laying around in Vlad’s medieval castle-turned-penthouse.

In order to reach the strong arms of your Transylvanian Tarzan you find yourself bartending hung over bats, rummaging through the castle’s underground laboratory and digging for secrets in Vlad’s torture chamber (which nowadays of course is used as a yoga room).

Created as a school project at The Game Assembly during 8 weeks half-time.

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