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Beat Born


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Feel the beat, move with the music and defend the last power source of humanity from hordes of robots in this rhythm and action spectacle!

Big Duck Energy

Made by



Jonas Petersson - Product owner, sound design/implementation, game design and composer

Magnus Jakobsson - Sound design, UX design, game design and composer

Alexander Kullman - Game design

Johan Andersson - Programming and scrum master

Simon Larsson - Programming

Volodymyr Shabala - Programming

Emil Rönnlund - 3D art, combat choreography, animation and rigging

David Dessantis - 3D art, VFX, tech art and lighting

Hanna Stenow - 3D art and environment art

Nemanja Zivic - 3D art, character art

Nicolas Lennman - 2D art, art direction, concept art and illustration

Maya Egnér - 2D art, UI art and concept art


Take control of the last guardian of humanity and defend the Core, a sophisticated energy source powering the last megacity, against waves of robots intent on snuffing out human life.


Play well and score points depending on performance, accomplished players will make sure to grab a top rank on the Highscore!


Play in rhythm with the music to build sync power! This power is used to unleash devastating attacks designed to wipe out all robots in one fell swoop.


Fight against three different enemies:

Drone - A simple threat, focused mostly on damaging the core.


Shooter - Big and slow, this unit will focus solely on the core, unless provoked.


Hunter - Fast, aggressive and constantly on the hunt, this unit is a major threat.


Adapt your play style depending on the enemy, string together combos suited to the situation and enjoy an adaptive soundtrack that reacts to your actions!

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