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Argelite is a 3rd person, competitive arena game played by two to four players. It focuses on mobility and freedom of movement, incorporating a grapple mechanic on top of the conventional movement actions. Players are pitted against each other on a vertically-focused map, where the goal is to eliminate each other for points until one reaches the limit and becomes the victor!


Made by



Lina Femling - Level Designer

Hampus Serrestam - Level Designer

Gunnlaugur Arnarson - Artist

Moa Bruus - Artist

Patrik Lindkvist - Artist

Konrad Skagerberg - Programmer

Jeppe Willatzen - Programmer and Composer


Argelite takes elements from traditional arena-style games and adds verticality and strategy while retaining all the competitive fun of the classics in the genre. Players use spears to traverse an ancient city by throwing them at objects and travelling to them. By throwing multiple spears into the world, players can cover large areas and reach points of interest quickly. The versatile spears do not only allow players to traverse the map, they are also used to get kills and score points. Throwing spears at other players will damage them and potentially kill them – claim first place on the scoreboard by getting the most!

Power-ups are scattered around the level. They may serve as timely aid in dire situations but can also prove useful in baiting other players into danger zones and reward strategically thinking players with points while keeping the power-ups for themselves.

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