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Adiasis is a 2D turn-based RPG where the goal is to rid the world of evil by killing the man known as Adiasis. On the way you'll have to fight against a few enemies, and maybe pick up a helpful item or two.

Albin Dahlheim

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Albin Dahlheim - Everything


You have on goal. You have one purpose. Kill Adiasis, and rid the world of evil. Adiasis is a quirky turn-based RPG that follows the story of Nia, a woman tasked with the mission of saving the world; and Noe, a man who doesn't quite understand what is going on.


Adiasis keeps battles interesting by featuring an active battle system that allows the player to avoid enemy attacks by correctly timing their button presses. On the way to the great evil you'll get to experience a world with a charming pixel art style inspired by the classic 16-bit era games.

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