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A Mayor Problem


Genre      -

Platform -

3D Platformer

Jump, spin, slide and bounce your way through different worlds with the universe as your playground. Look out for hazards as you collect coins and pages to save us all. And hey, don't forget to visit the Hat Shop!



Made by



Mattias Blomgren-Sköld - Programmer

Karl Brunzell - Programmer

Henrik Phan - Programmer

Mikkel Ravnholt Simonsen - Programmer

Mattias Lundgren Andersson - Audio Designer/Audio Programmer


Jonas Astberg - Level Designer

Hannes Bensryd - Level Designer

Oscar Maris - Level Designer


Adam Andersson - Technical Artist

Nathalie Bøergesen - Technical Artist

Dan Sönne - Technical Artist


Henrik Andersson - Graphical Artist

Maximilian Erik Bergström - Graphical Artist

Pontus Canbäck - Graphical Artist

Dennis Praetorius Holmgren - Graphical Artist


A Mayor Problem is a classic 3D Platformer inspired by the revolutionary breakthroughs of the Nintendo 64 era. While staying true to their essence it is developed with a modern mindset doing it's best to deliver a fresh take on a classic genre.

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