Rest A-Shored


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Help the teenagers to survive and escape the island by talking to them.


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Alexander Lövskog - Programmer

Andreas Tobiasson - Level Designer

Beatrice Karlsson - 2D Graphics and Concept Artist

Bruno Brito - Technical Designer

Daniel Nyberg - Game Designer

Folke Stövring Nielsen - Gameplay Programmer

Johan Andersson - Project Manager, programmer

Johannes Ekholm - 2D Graphics and Concept Artist

Nomi Bontegard - 3D Character Artist & Spine Animation

Oneal Priyanto - 2D Graphics

Tony Högye - 3D Environment Artist

Vilhelm Lindroos - Rigger Animator VFX


Rest A-Shored is a voice recognition simulation tech demo. In this game you literally talk to the characters helping them to survive and possibly escape the island.

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