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Enter a simulated world full of robots of different colors. Choose the matching color from your weapon to give the robots what they deserve!

Made by

Over the Rainbow Studios



Timmy Alvelöv - Lead Programmer

Karl Ehrnström - Art Director

Andreas de Freitas - Programmer + Level Designer

Moa Lindgren - Programmer + CTO

Cajsa Mörn - Concept Artist + 2D Artist

Lucas Nordström - Lead Designer + Level Designer

Erik Qvarnström - Technical Artist + CTO

Martin Sandquist - 3D Artist + Concept Artist

Slavko Stojnić - Programmer + Level Designer

Jupiter Thulin - Particle Effects + 3D Artist

TRU CLR is a game about precision and fast reflexes. Beat the game, get the best grades and get higher scores than your friends!

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