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The Chronos Project

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With the ability to stop time, test subject Δ-30 goes through a series of tests in a facility and gets a chance to escape.

Made by

Foursquare Studio



Erik Lindh - Sound

Markus Stenbäck - Music

Nicolas Bäckström - Music

Alexander Norgren - Design

Henrik Syvertsson - Design

Matilda Jalonen - Game writer

Rebecka Pettersson - Game writer

Gustaf Thoresson Englund - Game Writer

Frida Karlsson - Animation

Therese Bruzell - 3D Graphics

Carl Myhrén - 3D Graphics

Amanda Lindberg - 2D Graphics

Gustav Råkeberg - Programming

Björn Bengtsson - Programming

Sap Pansritum - Programming

Oscar Pettersson - Programming

Karl Ramstedt - Programming

The Chronos Project is a first-person, explorative puzzle game with narrative elements and takes place in a research facility in a dystopian future. The main character, Δ-30, is one of the test subjects, however they have no recollection of where or who they are. Provided with the ability to stop time, Δ-30 is subjected to experiments by scientists to test this new technology. The player’s goal is to clear these tests and escape the facility, the latter part opening up the possibility to find out more about what’s going on behind the scenes.

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