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Project Seven

Genre      -

Platform -

Action, First Person Shooter


Use your railgun to defeat the enemies as you wander around the different test chambers on your way to freedom.

Made by

Quantum Games



Johan Anderdahl - Programmer

Oliver Andersen - Programmer

Marcus Stein - Programmer

Oscar Öhrn - Programmer

Johan Ernstsson - Artist

Henrik Giang - Artist

Magnus Quach - Artist

Ted Flodman Söderberg - Artist

Carl-Henrik Andersson - Level Design

Fredrik Sjö - Level Design

Peter Hamlin - Technical Artist

Overcome cutting edge robots using your experimental pinpoint accurate railgun to escape from a research facility!T

his game was created from scratch in our own custom DirectX11 engine we called Hailstorm.

Work duration: 10 weeks half-time.

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