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Heavy Supremacy

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You've got 6 months to become the greatest heavy metal guitarist the world has ever seen or be forced to live life as a normie! Ugh!

Made by




Jimmy Brunnberg - Project Lead/Design Lead

Emilie Åslund - Lead Artist

Iona Constantinescu - Lead Sound Designer

David Stensson - Lead Music Designer

Arvid Enochsson - Lead Programmer

Joakim Mattson - Artist

Vix Larsson - Artist

Emal Ghouse - Artist

Linn Jutemark - Music Designer

Ida Palm - Sound Designer

Christopher Robin Liljenström - Game Designer

Alex Jakobsson - Game Designer

Felix Ekberg - Writer

Julia Lundman - Programmer

Linnéa Svensson - Programmer

Balance work with practicing your epic metal skills to eventually step onto a stage and shred your way to greater venues. A casual management game with small sections of more intense gameplay.

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