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Platform -

Visual Novel


Cateau fundamentally, is a story of friendship. Where many tales let the theme end there, Cateau examines what friendship might truly mean.

Made by

Lemon Curd Games



Johan Synnergren- Project Manager, Game Designer

Sara Jonasson- Creative Director, Writer

Linus Persson Lundh- Writer

Sanna Franzon- Lead Artist

Cecilia Höglund- Lead Artist

Linus Herding- Artist

Santino Cimino- Artist

Sofie Johansson- Artist

San Wik- Lead Sound Designer

Oliver Engström- Sound Designer

Anderson Silva Lima- Lead Composer

Tony Martinsson- Composer

Daniel Vindhjärta- Lead Programmer

Gizela Wikström- Programmer

Jesper Kanewoff- Programmer

Cateau, a visual novel set in Paris, takes the idea of friendship and investigates it through a particular lens – what it might take to actually be a friend in more than concept alone. As the protagonist, you come to understand that your friend and roommate, Roselle, is unwell. You take it upon yourself to try and rekindle that spark of life that seems to have gone out by engaging in one of her former interests, cats. While sauntering up and down the cozy streets of the City of Lights, whether it be to get to work, run errands, or simply enjoy the town, you will come to encounter three distinctly different cats. Their personalities being fundamentally unlike one another, it's up to you to enter unfamiliar waters, figuring them out as you attempt to bring your friend back. The multiple, varied endings give each choice, big or small, tangible consequence.

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