L.U.X in the Temple of Shadows

Genre      -

Platform -

Adventure, Casual


L.U.X is a story of a scared robot who crashed in an ancient ruin filled with horrors that lurk around every corner.

Made by

Armadillo Throwing Productions



Aksel Englund - UI/UX design, UI scripting, Gameplay design. Product owner

Lennart Holmgren - Scripting, Gameplay design. Lead scripter

Nicolina Åkerfelt - Scripting, Level design, Gameplay design. Lead designer

Adam Al-Maawali - Concept Art

Johanna Fransson - Concept Art, UI Art, Cinematic Artist, Storyboard Artist

Nomi Bontegard - Animation, Modeling, Concept Art

Joakim Engholm - Environment Art, Character Art

Sara Söderman - Foliage, Environment Art, Rigging, Animation

Johan Qvarfordt - Environment Art, Texturing, Tech-art, Level Design

Erik Forsström - VFX Artist

Armand Mirpour - Music, Sound design

L.U.X in the Temple of Shadows is an isometric adventure game where a scared robot uses the power of light to fight shadowy monsters. Use your flashlight and flares, manage your resources, and find all the fuel cells to get home!