CoDependence Day

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Co-op Survival


Codependence Day is a co-op survival game, focus on the frustrating but relatable situations of living in a tight space with a roommate.

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Rasmus Wallin - Product Owner, Designer, Sound

Felix Eriksson - Main programmer

Anton Franzén - Programmer, Designer

Felix Stålenhag - Art Director, Concept Artist

Malin Jonsson - Art Director, Concept Artist, UI-Artist

Nikolaos Kaltsogiannis - Scrum Master, 3D and Lighting Artist

Robin Albertsson - Foliage Artist

Olle Norling - VFX, Sound, 3D Artist

Daniel Swing - 3D Artist

Codependence Day is a co-op survival game where two players help each other pay rent while satisfying their hunger, hygiene and bladder to survive together for as many days, and nights as possible.