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Adventure Platformer


A 3D adventure platformer inspired by similar games from the early 2000’s, with a big focus on setting and atmosphere.

Made by

Memory Leek



Adam Wallberg - Director, Programmer, Designer, Artist, Composer/Audio

Sanna Ylvén - Producer, Designer, Artist

Carl Sjölander - 3D Artist

David Stenfors - Animator

Angelica Holst - Texture & UI Artist

Felix Grönvall - Design, QA

This is a prototype of a 3D adventure platformer inspired by similar games from the early 2000’s. You play as Alset, an engineer and inventor who arrives at a strange island in search of the thief who stole her blueprints long ago. The obstacles and puzzles you face on this island are created using the very same technology that Alset invented, and you have to craft tools to overcome these challenges by finding blueprints and scrap metal. The game focuses on an older audience, those who grew up playing platformers from the Gamecube, PS1, and XBOX era. The very same people who appreciate old fashioned difficulty, and maybe even enjoy speedrunning. We added to this by trying to create a world that feels alive and fun to be in, taking inspiration from more modern titles when it comes to setting and atmosphere.

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