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Umbral Castle



Team Habibi


Luna faced a risk when she took on the contract to slay the Umbral Beast, a risk that might change all things…



Angelina Grujic Sjödin: Level Designer/ World Builder, Asset Artist, Concept Artist, Level Artist

Hanna Josephson: Level Artist / World Builder, Asset Artist, Lightning Artist

Sajid A. Masoud: UX Designer, VFX Artist, Technical Artist, Sound Designer, Animations



Pol Lozano Llorens: Technical Director, Systems Designer, Engineer, Scripter

Rickard Lindgren: AI Programmer, Engineer, VFX Artist, Sound Designer, Scripter

Umbral Castle is a combat-focused dark fantasy game where you play as Luna - a mercenary with a contract to kill The Umbral Beast, who has taken control of the castle. Fight through the castle filled with the beast's lackeys, solve puzzles and meet The Umbral Beast in an epic fight!


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