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Cross Platform


The Hobbits


An Idle Clicker game where you click to buy different shops to make more money.


Money is used to buy castles to expand your empire.


You can level up indefinitely to accelerate the money earned from the different stores.



Joel Ring

Ruben Rådelius

Adam Tapper

Björn Klarström

Henrik Nyström



Joel Masko


Game Design:

Matias Gesche


In-game music:

Daniel Larsen


Sound design/trailer:

Joel Ring

A Game where the protagonist is a Hobbit who lives in a dark age ruled over by a corrupt Governor who’s incessantly trying to expand his reach and power, by any means necessary.


The Hobbit is left with his parents’ newly opened Horn store after they fell victim to the Governors' assassins.


Driven by the will to stop others from getting hurt, the Hobbit will now use his parent's store to capitalize and expand his own influence to take power back from the hands of the Governor.


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