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The Slappening



Double Team


In a world of evil hands, a rolling head with a slick haircut is the prime target of The Slappening. Use your spit and wit to escape.


Jad Tawbi - Lead programmer

Eskil Ettehag - Programmer

Leo Wognum - Product owner, 3D artist & animator, audio producer

Desislava Atanasova - Art director, 3D environment & graphics

Christian Le Roux - 3D artist

Peter Mathiesen - 3D artist

Sarah Norén - Producer, UI artist & designer

The Slappening is a 3D, single player platformer game for PC. Play as a kid who is scared of being slapped on the neck after getting a new haircut, and try to escape the school. Roll around and spit your way through the halls, and avoid the hands at all costs. Discover the handy cast and their quirks as you fight for your neck in this surrealistic world.

Made in Unity. Developed by game design students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland in the span of 9 weeks, full time for Gotland Game Conference.


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