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Snail la Vie





A snail's journey to free his mates from the french chef


Andreas Nylund - Programmer

Dennis Löfgren - Programmer

Felix Erksell - Programmer

Joakim Gunnari - Programmer

Jonathan Lundström - Programmer

Markus Nilsson - Programmer


Albin Attebo - Art

Faranak Mobarrez - Art

Igor Baskin - Art

Jonathan Alderskans - Art

Tobias Granlund - Art


Christoffer Önneberg - Level Design

Kalle Björklund - Level Design

Markus Nordström Frodlund - Level Design

Ruben Malmer - Level Design

A 3D platformer inspired by the Crash Bandicoot series where you run, jump and slide on rails.


Travel through three different environments as you make your way to the snail murdering french kitchen.


Complete the obstacles of patrolling enemies and constantly moving platforms trying to stop you in your way. Challenge yourself by beating your personal record, finding all cucumbers and race against time.


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