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Safety Protocol



Team 4ce


Welcome aboard the VASA Space Station. Restore the station's power supplies while uncovering what happened to the missing crew members.


Edward Sedelius - Game Designer

Sebastian Lund - Game Designer

Axel Nilsson - 2D Artist

Erika Henell - 2D Artist

Fredrik Bohlin - 3D Artist

Jonathan Stanford - 3D Artist

Lena Sonnbrink - 3D Artist

Gwangyeong Yun - Game Programmer

Elliot Rosing - Game Programmer

Josefin de la Motte - Game Programmer

Safety Protocol is a narrative driven, environmental puzzle game where you play as engineer Robert Walker, the new recruit of the VASA Space Station.


As you arrive at the space station, the power is out and the emergency lights are on. After managing to restore the power to a large console terminal, you discover an emergency chat system. The person on the other end aims to guide you through the station, in an attempt to restore its power little by little.


But where is the crew? What exactly happened to cause the power to go out in the first place? To find out what happened and why, you'll need to figure out how to distribute the station's power supply and reroute it to unlock new areas to explore. The further you get in your mission, the closer you also get to the truth. Are you prepared for what awaits you at the end?


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