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Pass On





Dash through the darkness and avoid its undead dangers to save the lost souls of the night.


Axel Melkersson - Programming

Benediktas Vilkelis - Programming

Daniel Jonsson - Programming

Denise Bröste - Programming

Linnea Almlöf - Programming

Theo Björkhem - Programming


Deniz Serinkaya - Graphics

Erik Bautista - Graphics

John Atterstig - Graphics

Kei Mak - Graphics


Alexandra Kervefors - Level Design & Music

Hannes Gille - Level Design

Henrik Ek - Level Design

Reaching for immortality, the King upset the natural order and released a curse upon his lands, hindering the newly dead from moving on and throwing its inhabitants into chaos.


As Death, it is your job to release their souls and hold the King accountable to break the curse. Find your way through dark forests, abandoned villages and a haunted castle. But be aware that not all souls want to pass on peacefully.


Made by students at The Game Assembly, this game is inspired by platformer giants like Celeste and Ori and the Blind Forest. It is filled with challenges, collectable souls and hidden rooms to explore, but if you want the local speedrun high score you should probably move on quickly.


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