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P.I Putt



Mainland peeps


P.I Putt is a stealth game mixed with mini-golf. Aim well and avoid detection or the famous detective Putt will be on par for failure!


Erik Norstedt - Project owner, Game designer, 3d artist, Level design, Producer

Felix Almqvist - Programer, game designer

Lina Larsson - Cutscene art and splash art.

Erasmus John Talbot - Composer.

The case of the missing caddie had been on the dimpled investigators desk for a week. He was finally tipped off that a gang of infamous kidnappers had been making noise around a local warehouse. Now it’s up to private investigator Putt to sneak into the warehouse and solve the case!

P.I Putt is a top down stealth game with the controls and mechanics of a golf game. Remember to keep a lookout for wandering guards or you will get smacked around with a risk of ruining your par.

Remember that being sneaky is this golf ball's only option in this noir-inspired game!


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